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BNZ Materials

BNZ Materials manufactures and is a worldwide supplier of a range of specialty
industrial insulations. Our calcium silicate insulation has been manufactured continuously
at Billerica, Massachusetts for more than 60 years.


This board was developed to be a high temperature replacement for asbestos
Transite. It offers our highest strength and electrical resistance combined with
minimal shrinkage for applications up to and exceeding 1800°F. Potential applications
include platen press insulation, foundry core and blow plates, induction
furnace casing, electrical resistance insulation, hot glass handling and numerous

Marinite A and Marinite C (download the Marinite A & C PDF)

These boards are heat treated formulations for use in conveying, containing
and forming molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Applications
include holding furnace linings, tips for continuous casters, transition plates,
rings, plugs, baffles, troughs, spouts, floats and filter boxes.

Marinite P, Marinite I and Marinite M

Oven dried formulations of BNZ boards are used in a variety of heat insulating
processes, fire protection and machined parts. Selection is commonly based on a
balance between strength and insulating qualities. Examples include oven
walls and linings, soldering insulation, fire doors, fire training burn buildings,
cable trays, personnel protection, and as USCG-approved insulation for marine
ships and off-shore rigs. Back-up insulation applications include ladles,
torpedo cars and tundishes in the iron and steel industry, lime and cement
plant rotary kilns, and aluminum die cast holding furnaces.

Transite HT and Transite 1000

These non-asbestos, monolithic fiber cement industrial boards are used in
environments up to 1000°F where high strength is the primary concern. These
fiber cement boards are used in the foundry industry for flask liners, core,
drying and carry plates, and induction furnace casings. Electrical applications
include busbar supports, aluminum pot insulation, and electrode arm insulators.
Transite HT and Transite 1000 are also used as load bearing gasketing, spacers,
supports, and machined parts for OEM applications.