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Pyropel® Industrial Plastics and Rubber Process Insulation

Pyropel® industrial insulation comes in a wide range of thermal and mechanical properties to address specific application needs, from high compressive strength MD-60 for tool base or platen insulators to MD-18 for highly efficient perimeter insulation. Pyropel is also available in solid plastic form use as precision thermal/mechanical machine components.

Pyropel® is available in three different forms:

Low Density (LD) A flexible form of Pyropel, Pyropel LD is an industrial nonwoven. Typically used where thermal control is the major engineering concern, Pyropel LD can be easily wrapped around complex shapes or converted into insulation kits. Unlike other blanket type insulators, Pyropel LD is binder-free and has none of the shedding concerns of other common fiber-based materials

Medium Density (MD) Pyropel MD is a lightweight fiberboard with superior insulation properties. Pyropel MD-12, MD-18, and MD-30 are semi-rigid and are normally used in areas that require both isolation and limited mechanical resistance. Pyropel MD-50 and MD-60 are rigid insulation for mechanically demanding areas. More resilient, MD-50 is ideal when loading is not evenly distributed or when equipment alignment is not perfect. MD-60 is the most structurally rigid grade of Pyropel MD and offers the highest compression resistance and physical tolerances.

High Density (HD) Pure polyimide plate, Pyropel HD is easily machined to make both mechanical and thermal components for highly engineered equipment. These components include high-temperature spacers, washers, slides, and bearings.